Teaching in front of Your Peers

In the last couple of weeks Pro. Yang has put us out in front of our peers to see if we can utilize the 11 basic steps in teaching P.E.. He had me teach the class for the first day, the theme being the Olympics, the problem was I had pulled a muscle the weekend before. In turn Pro. Yang as he teaches us to do had to adjust to the student, so he had me get in a wheelchair and teach. Thinking this was not a big deal, boy was I wrong. I had to teach the students and give cues on how to jump from spot to spot using there arms and getting low and exploding to the next spot, while in a wheelchair. Did I mention he put two other students in wheelchairs also! This opened my eyes to students with disabilities and how we as teachers have to find different ways on how to adjust as teachers to there needs. As the lesson went on Pro. Yang instructed me on things that the students in the wheelchairs could do, things I could teach while in the wheelchair. This was definitely a great opportunity that opened my eyes and will stay with me.
"Suny Cortland is the place to BE for PE!"

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