Teaching under the "Mic"

This week in EDU 255 Dr. Yang has presented the students with an assignment to transcript ourselves after teaching a lesson to our peers in class. When my day came I was extremely nervous hoping that the word "um" would not come out of my mouth a hundred times. Once I started I was trying to be careful of what I was saying, almost to the point of doing it so much that I was messing myself up. Of course after my first mistake of saying to the students "pair up", with in 20 seconds later I told them "get in groups of three." After realizing doing this I finally took a deep breath ignored the microphone on my shirt and went on teaching the lesson. Dr. Yang sent us the MP3 of our lessons via email. Once I received the email it was like going by an accident on side of the road where you didn't wanna look but you just had to. Believe it or not it wasn't as bad as I thought. After I transcript the MP3 I did realize how important this lesson for us was. It is very important the way you speak to your students to get them to understand you and how you get the lesson across.

Transcript of "Teaching under the Mic"
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