PE Mini Conference

On October 10th 2008, their was the Cortland Physical Education Mini Conference, with key note speaker John R. Passarini. We opened the concert with all are EDU 255er's leading a cheer out on to the floor with "We will, We will...Teach you!", stomping as we cheered. This was so much fun, I got to lead one of the two groups out on to the floor in front of all the people that was attending the conference that morning. Mr. Yang then opened the conference with a fun version of a meet and greet called "mix mix mingle mingle", it was a very good way to get the people in the crowd up on their feet motivated, moving, and interacting with each other....we are PE Teachers are we not?

After that we listened to our key note speaker, John Passarini, who has received the 2003 Disney Outstanding Teacher of the Year award. John is an adapted physical education teacher, who has successfully included students with disabling conditions into physical education. He believes that "Nobody is disabled;we are all differently-abled." After listening to him that day and participating in his workshop, "including students with disabling conditions into movement learning environments," I believe this also.

In the mini conference besides joining in with John Passarini workshop, I also got to attend the "Polar Technology" workshop. This workshop was amazing seeing how far technology has come to help keep track and record all sorts of data. We learned how we can use our computers and pda's to assist us in keeping track of records for all students from kindergarten all the way till they are seniors in high school.

This conference was a huge success in my eyes. Not only did I participate in as many workshops that their were offered but was also able to meet John Passarini, and interact and make connections with all the PE teachers and Administrators from around New York State.
"Suny Cortland is the place to BE for PE!"

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