Teaching through the physical, MyStroh style.

Today was a very instructional, and eye opening day. Our two TA's DJ and Freddy showed us how to teach through the physical by using technology in a very interesting way. When we entered the class they treated us as we were high school students learning about explores in history. They put us into groups named after some really famous explorers, one being Christopher Columbus, which was our groups name. Our groups got together created a flag and they gave us riddles to unscramble and off we went. After you solved the riddle you had to take a group picture,with your cell phone, next to what ever item or thing that the riddle led you too and send it back to them. The first team to do this one the scavenger hunt race. I really enjoyed this lesson because besides using the cell phones as a way of incorporating technology, they also used the polar heart rate monitors too. They recorded our heart rates at the end of class and sent out the test results in an email for us to view and to see how hard we were running and working during the lesson. This was great because it was a big reflection on who really tried to work the hardest in get the scavenger hunt done first and who really just wanted to slide through the lesson with no effort. With the heart rate monitors it really reflected on who was those groups on how we finished. Only real problem we had with the whole lesson was that some of the pictures were not going through because so many texts coming to their cell phones at once and some of the riddles were not detailed enough for the locations. All in all it was a great example on how to teach through the physical in PE about history.
"Suny Cortland is the place to BE for PE!"

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